Welcome to “Creative Thinking Unleashed”! In this course we’ll discuss what creativity is and why it’s important for happiness in your personal life and success in your professional life. We’ll talk about why people often find it challenging to think creatively and I’ll give you some strategies that will make it easier. Yes, you can think more creatively while working smarter, not harder, giving you more time for the things you love. You’ll be more productive and have more fun. These two things often seem to be at odds, but they’re really not.

Thinking creatively is about thinking differently, so that you can DO things differently and get different results. It’s about growing, reaching new heights and realizing your potential, both personally and professionally. And it’s a key ingredient in being happy.

In the business world, growth and innovation are crucial to a company’s survival; therefore, it’s important for every single member of a company to constantly embrace and enhance their own creative thinking and that of their team members.

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