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Hi! I’m Dr. Amy Rosner and I’ll be your guide for this course. I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and health coach with a doctorate in physiological psychology, which basically means I am an expert in mind-body relationships.

This course is all about getting more control of your mind and body. It's about outsmarting your brain and releasing blocks to growth. It's ultimately about reducing stress from all areas of your life.

At any given time we can be in stress mode or relaxation mode. Stress mode is great for our health in very short-term bursts, but we should be spending the vast majority of our time in relaxation mode for optimal body function, including hormones, metabolism, detoxing, and so on, as well as for clear, creative thinking, productivity and happiness.

I have a client who contacts me every couple of years with a long email explaining in great detail how she’s been feeling, the questions she’s been asking herself in meditation every morning, what she thinks the problem is, what her psychologist son thinks the problem is, what her business coach thinks the problem is, etc. I always write her back telling her to just stop trying to figure it out and make an appointment so we can get the correct answer already. She always thinks she can figure it out, but at the end of our session she realizes it’s always something totally different. 

That’s because only her subconscious mind has the answers, and she was listening to everyone but it. 

Your conscious mind always has answers, too; they’re just not usually the correct ones. It will make stuff up that makes sense, because that’s its job. Telling the truth, however, is not in its job description. If you think you understand why you’re not getting something you want and you’re still not getting it, you’re probably wrong, even though the answer you came up with might make total sense. Then you get more frustrated and limiting beliefs start running the show.

Your conscious mind can help you understand things and get perspective, but you can understand everything there is to understand about something and still not change how you feel about it.

To get real control and change how you feel, you have to stop listening to the words from your conscious mind and instead listen to the images, emotions and body sensations coming from your subconscious mind. That's what this course is all about, listening to the part of your brain that has the correct answers, then changing what it wants you to change to have a better life.

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